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Foundations of Information, Networks, and Decision Systems

Previous FIND seminar talks

Fall 2021: 

9/9/2021Alon OrliskyRobust Learning from Batches: The Best Things in Life are (Almost) Free
9/23/2021Qing ZhaoRandom Walk on a Tree for Stochastic Search and Optimization
10/7/2021Mary WoottersLow-bandwidth Recovery of Linear Functions of Reed-Solomon-encoded Data
10/21/2021Anna ScaglioneA User Guide to Low-Pass Graph Signal Processing and its Applications
11/04/2021Steven H. LowOptimal Power Flow and Smart EV Charging
11/18/2021Vikram KrishnamurthyAdversarial Filtering and Inverse Reinforcement Learning
12/02/2021Jeff ShammaControl Theoretic Modeling of Bounded Rationality in Games

Spring 2022:

Fall 2022: 

09/08/2022Mark WildeInevitability of Knowing Less Than Nothing
09/22/2022FIND CommunityFIND Graduate Day
09/29/2022Haim PermuterData-Driven Approach for Estimating Information Measures
10/06/2022Michael BaileyThe Role of Social Networks in Economic Mobility
10/20/2022Angelia Nedic Penalty Methods for Large-Scale Constrained Optimization Problems
11/17/2022Youssef MrouehLearning with Stochastic Orders
12/01/2022Yury PolyanskiyUniqueness of belief propagation fixed point

Spring 2023: 

Fall 2023: