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Foundations of Information, Networks, and Decision Systems

Information Theory & Coding

What is the common denominator of a picture, a song, a book, and a video call? They are all comprised of the fundamental particle shared by all forms of communication: information. Information theory is the mathematical underpinning of information acquisition, processing, security, privacy, storage, and communication. This influential discipline—the corner stone of the digital age—provides the machinery to analyze, interpret, and design modern-day communication and information processing systems. The FIND group works on modern information-theoretic problems that advance fundamental aspect of state-of-the-art technologies. Application domain is vast and spans wireless/wireline communication systems, machine learning and big data, the internet of things, heterogeneous and ad-hoc networks, smart grid, and many more. 

Specific research areas: Channel coding, classification, compression, distributed statistical inference, dynamics of information flow, energy-vs-performance tradeoffs, information measures, information-theoretic security, multi-terminal and network information theory, privacy, statistical inference.

Faculty members: Acharya, Goldfeld, Wagner, Wicker, Wilde

Upcoming Event: Cornell Information Theory Day- Fall 2023, December 5, 2023

Past Events: Cornell Information Theory Day- Summer 2023, July 7, 2023