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Foundations of Information, Networks, and Decision Systems

Power Systems & Smart Cities

The last decade has seen an unprecedented transformation in the way transportation and energy distribution systems are designed and operated. For power systems, the introduction of renewables and electric vehicles has forced a complete restructuring of energy distribution. The goal is to obtain flexible systems that can handle distributed and uncertain generation, new consumption patterns, energy storage, and seamless integration of prosumers (i.e., nodes that produce and consume energy at the same time). For transportation systems, novel mobility paradigms including autonomous mobility and on-demand services have been proposed to realize sustainable transportation in urban areas. The FIND group leverages mathematical modeling, stochastic optimization, control theory, and automation technologies to support these much-needed advances and shape the smart cities of the future.

Specific research areas: Climate change and sustainability issues, demand response methods, charging of electric vehicles, revenue maximization and real-time pricing decisions.

Faculty members: Bitar, Tong, Chiang, Scaglione, Wicker